Workplace Management - YOYO
Workplace Management - YOYO


Your tailor-made application for IWMS.

Integrate individual ergonomic workstation control into your workplace management system.

5 advantages for companies with an existing CAFM system

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Expand Workplace Management

YOYO complements your FM system with the acquisition, control, and evaluation of components such as desks, chairs, or lighting.

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Create acceptance for IWMS in the company

YOYO tailors desk sharing workplaces to the ergonomic needs of each individual employee – an important topic for recruitment and the works council.

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Promote employee health

YOYO promotes ergonomic working based on individual user data and integrated ergotracking, increasing productivity.

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Analyze office components

YOYO enables the analysis of workplaces. Ergonomics data as well as chair and lamp sensors improve capacity forecasts and service quality.

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Integrate seamlessly

YOYO is directly connected to your CAFM software thanks to the REST interface. This guarantees easy implementation and fast implementation of your projects.

YOYO is the missing link for workstation control.

Integrate IoT office components into your FM booking system.

The booking requests of the YOYO app can be transferred to your booking system via a local HUB server with protected access.
During the booking, the desk, chair, and lighting can be adjusted and controlled with the app according to ergonomic aspects.

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What potential can YOYO unleash for my business?

We would be happy to provide no-obligation information about the advantages of YOYO, the intelligent control system for office workstations.

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