YOYO Office
YOYO Architektur

The well-established system for booking and controlling workstations.

Intuitive employee software, sophisticated hardware at the workplace, and a flexible hub. With YOYO, workstation management is child’s play.

It all works perfectly:
The YOYO architecture.

The YOYO system adapts flexibly to your requirements.

  • As a standalone solution or as an add-on for your FM system

  • As a cloud solution or with your own on-premise server

  • Standard interface for easy integration into existing systems

YOYO Architektur

The YOYO App.
For every employee.

Workstation booking and ergonomics simply via laptop or smartphone.

The YOYO APP is the user-friendly control center for every employee. With the app, seats can be booked and all elements surrounding the desk can be controlled.

Architektur Grafik YOYO

The facilitator.

The hardware control at the ergonomic workplace.

The YOYOBOX connects the workplace with your booking system. At the same time, it integrates the ergonomic components of the workstation such as desk, chair, or lamp and makes them controllable via the YOYO app.

YOYO Box Architkektur

The YOYOHUB. The data center.

Data hub and interface to your IT architecture.

YOYOHUB organizes desk sharing and workplace control. With convenient admin access via your browser.
As an independent standalone solution via the cloud. Or behind your firewall as your own on-premise hub.
Or as an add-on for your existing facility management system. Cost-effective integration thanks to the open standard interface.

YOYO Cloud Hub

Further information

Individual solutions for large companies

Integrate YOYO seamlessly into your IT environment.

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We would be happy to give you no-obligation information about the advantages of YOYO, the intelligent control system for office workstations.

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