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Workstation control for the office and the home office, and everything in between.

Supporting healthy working wherever your employees need it. YOYO combines holistic ergonomics with flexible space booking: the ideal solution for hybrid working models.

5 advantages of YOYO for hybrid working

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Consistent health care

The YOYO app facilitates ergonomic employee behavior at every workplace, whether working from home or in the office.

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Overview of employee work locations

With YOYO CONTROL, you can keep track of which employees are working at which workstation and when.

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Pandemic-friendly booking rules

With the YOYO Desksharing rules, you can easily comply with the prescribed hygiene distances.

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Networked regardless of location

YOYO CLOUD allows you to integrate every workstation in the office and at your employees’ homes without any IT effort.

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Efficient use of office space

Gewinnen Sie Planungssicherheit für benötigte Bürokapazität und optimale Auslastung Ihrer Räumlichkeiten.

At Home. At Work.

With YOYO , you feel at home in your workplace.

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The networked workplace for the home office and for the office.

The smart solution for workstation booking and ergonomic working methods.

With YOYO Desksharing, hybrid work becomes easy – your employees book their preferred workstation in the office or from home every day.
And with the YOYO app’s ergonomics assistant, you can work ergonomically at all times, even when you change workstations.

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Which YOYO suits my company?

YOYO is the perfect booking system for your office workstations.
Or a control system for individual ergonomics at the workplace.

Or both in one!


YOYO Office

Holistic ergonomics for motivated employees

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Efficient use of office space

What potential can YOYO unleash for my business?

We would be happy to provide no-obligation information about the advantages of YOYO, the intelligent control system for office workstations.

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YOYO Smart Ergonomics

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