Frequently asked questions

It can be economically worthwhile with as few as 20 employees. In general, YOYO is a worthwhile investment for any organisation that seeks to use its office space more intelligently and efficiently.

It can be economically worthwhile with as few as 20 employees. In general, YOYO is a worthwhile investment for any organisation that seeks to use its office space more intelligently and efficiently.

No, with YOYO the price starts at € 0.99 per workstation per month. We have come up with the optimal subscription or licensing model for every size of company.

For this purpose, we have developed a Return-on-Invest (ROI) calculator for YOYO. By entering your parameters, you can calculate when YOYO will start generating a return on investment for you. Get in touch and we will be happy to help you!

We provide YOYO Smart Ergonomics and YOYO SMART either as a SaaS solution or as an on-site installation. YOYO ERGONOMICS is only offered as SaaS.

A SaaS solution does not require YOYO to be installed in your existing IT system. With an on-site installation, YOYO is installed on your own servers.

With an on-site installation, all data is stored on your own servers. With the SaaS option, your data is stored in a German data centre and is protected to the highest standards.

This varies depending on the YOYO product. Generally, all data needed for booking is recorded, such as workstations, time periods and users. With YOYO Smart Ergonomics, IoT data for the workstation hardware components is also stored.

However, the following always applies to all YOYO products: it is not possible for the company to carry out profiling of the employees.

Yes, via our admin portal YOYO CONTROL we provide as standard a range of evaluations on space capacity, space utilisation and general use of connected workstation components as well as technical support. Additional reports can be created on request and depending on the data available.

Yes, all YOYO data can be downloaded in CSV format. Third party systems can also be connected via a REST interface.

Yes, integration into third party systems is possible via the YOYO REST API. However, any attempt at integration must always be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, this is where YOYO comes into its own: whether they are working from home, on the go or in the office – YOYO can support your employees in organising their work options.

Yes, but every organisation is different and needs its own rules. That is why each company can define their own no-show timeout using YOYO CONTROL.

Yes, you can set this for each individual workstation using YOYO CONTROL.

Workstations and meeting rooms. From mid-2022, it will also be possible to book parking spaces and zones as well as mobile facilities and additional services.

You can administer the complete organisation yourself using YOYO CONTROL. If requested, we can of course provide support during the initial installation.

For a sharing model to work, booking data must be recorded as accurately and as promptly as possible. For example, if a workstation is checked out before the official end of booking, this space can be booked again by other colleagues, enabling efficient use of your office space. In fact, data can be made even more accurate if it is supported by YOYO sensor technology.

Yes, this feature allows all YOYO users to inform us directly if something is wrong with the booked asset or if it does not correspond to the description. In this way, the user supports the system’s automatic error detection. Every bit of feedback helps to improve the system.

YOYO features an intelligent authorisation and role system. With YOYO CONTROL, it is easy to assign the necessary authorisations to users. From summer 2022, customers will also be able to create and manage individual authorisations and roles via YOYO CONTROL.

Yes, the individually configurable YOYO authorisation and role system makes it easy to create the right rules to suit every organisation: Who is allowed to book which space/room? How long are people allowed to book for? Are employees allowed to book on behalf of colleagues? It is easy to set these kinds of rules and more, and to assign them to specific users.

This is easy to see using the YOYO APP or the optional YOYO KIOSK, the on-site touch app for access areas such as foyers or staircases. If the workstations are fitted with the YOYO Box, it is also possible to attach a YOYO STATUS to the workstation. This lights up in green if the workstation is vacant. Booked spaces are yellow and workstations that are in use (i.e. the user has checked in) have a red light. A blue light means that the user does not wish to be disturbed. This traffic light system (YOYO Status) is available as an option and only works in combination with the YOYO Box.

Yes, you can save preferred workstations (or other bookable assets) as favourites and book them again next time – as long as they are free at the time you have selected.

The Floorplan is the YOYO App’s digital representation of the organisational space. It serves as orientation and displays bookable assets such as workstations or parking spaces. The Floorplan should always be well maintained so that there is no discrepancy between the app display and what is actually available.

The plan is simply uploaded in YOYO CONTROL by the customer. All bookable assets (e.g. desks) are displayed as icons on this plan. Initially, we are happy to offer this feature as a service.

Available spaces are displayed as a green icon on the Floorplan. Simply select a space, check and then confirm the booking. One more thing: Workplaces can also be permanently allocated to specific employees. In this case, there is no need to go through the booking process.

The FMC function will be available from summer 2022. Every user has the option to deactivate this function in the profile settings. The user profile can be used to specify exactly what information is to be shared with colleagues.

Yes. In most cases, companies list meeting rooms as a resource in Outlook. YOYO accesses this information and transfers the meeting appointments to YOYO World.

As with the workstations, every organisation is different and needs its own rules. Each company can set these itself in YOYO CONTROL.

Yes, with YOYO ROOM we provide the perfect application for smart meeting rooms. Upon request, the YOYO ROOM display application also comes equipped with the corresponding hardware (screen).

YOYO Smart Ergonomics is more than just a booking system: It turns every workplace into a fully integrated ergonomic workstation, contributing to the health and wellbeing of your employees. The YOYO system includes:

  • the YOYO BOX to control your height-adjustable desk via the app. In addition, the system acts as your personal assistant, reminding you to change your working position according to your personal plan,
  • the YOYO LASER, which helps you to quickly adjust each chair for optimum comfort.
  • In addition, compatible ergonomic luminaires such as those from Trilux or Novus can also be controlled.

No, for example, the YOYO Laser is simply attached to the office chair using an adhesive adapter.

No, to do so would contradict our system’s philosophy: YOYO is data protection compliant.

Yes, when different sensors (or sensors from different hardware components) are combined, occupancy measurement is even more precise.

A defective YOYO component is displayed and pinpointed in YOYO CONTROL (admin portal).

YOYO BOX and YOYO LASER can be replaced in a few simple steps. The separate YOYO SETUP app enables simple integration of new components using your smartphone.

No, we can usually connect existing sensors to our software. In this respect, our API interfaces offer a high level of compatibility.

Currently, the system integrates selected products from the manufacturers Waldmann, Trilux and Novus. If you want to use luminaires from other manufacturers, you will have to clarify with the manufacturer first.

At the moment, the system uses Gantner locks. Please clarify other options with the manufacturers first.

At present, there is no connection to the building management system, but it is possible in principle via the YOYO API.

For YOYO to be able to control a desk as an IoT component, the desk’s control components need to be compatible. Currently, all desks that are equipped with Kesseböhmer control technology can be controlled. In addition, some products from the manufacturers Logicdata, Jiecang and OMT are also compatible. As is the case for all hardware components: additional components can be integrated on request if the technical requirements are met.