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The ergonomic office.
For healthy employees.

Promote the occupational health and motivation of your employees with ergonomic workstations and the digital assistant for a healthy working environment.

5 advantages of YOYOERGONOMICS for your company.

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Prevent employee absences

YOYO encourages an ergonomic working posture to combat typical office symptoms such as headache and back pain.

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Work ergonomically thanks to personal app assistant

The YOYO app ensures the correct use of ergonomic workstations.

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Bringing a personal attitude to every workplace

YOYO adopts the personal settings of each employee when changing workstations.

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Fully compatible with YOYO Desksharing

YOYO offers booking and ergonomic adjustment of workstations. All in one app.

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Holistic ergonomics helps reduce employee absences

Desks, chairs, ergonomic lighting, or lockers: YOYO is ready for your equipment.

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The personal assistant for individual ergonomics

The YOYO app holistically controls ergonomic components at the workplace.

  • Improves ergonomic use of the workstation

  • Actively achieve ergonomic goals via notifications

  • Intuitive control via laptop or smartphone.

Using ergonomic components holistically

With the YOYO YOYOBOX, desks, chairs, and lighting can be adapted to your employees.

  • Height-adjustable desks are key to a healthy posture

  • Existing chairs can be easily integrated using the clip-on sensor (optional)

  • Ergonomic lighting adapted to age and booking time

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YOYO App in Use

Awareness has to be raised about ergonomic behavior

Notifications and Ergoscore are what make ergonomic desks ergonomic.

The YOYO app determines the correct desk position based on body size. Based on the working time, the app determines balanced time intervals for switching between sitting and standing work. And at the end of the day, the Ergoscore evaluates ergonomic behavior on a scale of 0 to 10.

In this way, every employee quickly gets a feeling for an ergonomically optimal behavior.

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A small step to the perfect smart office.

Benefit twice from ergonomic workstation control with desk sharing.

YOYO SMART ERGONOMICS offers you efficient space booking for the office and home office. Including analysis tool for utilization and ergonomic use.

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Which YOYO suits my company?

YOYO is the perfect booking system for your office workstations.
Or a control system for individual ergonomics at the workplace.
Or both in one!

What potential can YOYO unleash for my business?

We would be happy to give you no-obligation information about the advantages of YOYO, the intelligent control system for office workstations.

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