Smart Office - Workplace Management - Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz - YOYO
Smart Office - Workplace Management - Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz - YOYO


Flexible desk sharing with ergonomic workstations

Combine the efficient use of your office space with the health of your employees. Fast. Simple. Cost-effective.


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Optimize real estate costs

YOYO Desksharing allows you to save up to 40% of your office space, freeing up investment potential.

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Promote employee health

The YOYO ergonomics control actively prevents employee absences due to back problems and headaches.

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Plan office capacity reliably

YOYO CONTROL shows you utilization, actual employee presence and the ergonomic use of your workstations.

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Quick return on investment

The space efficiency and employee productivity gains mean that YOYO usually pays for itself in a very short time.

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Can be used in every company

YOYO works as a standalone or as part of your FM system, depending on your requirements.

Back to the office with YOYOSMART

Book office space in a pandemic-friendly way.
In compliance with safety rules.

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YOYO Smart Office

YOYOSMART: Easy desk sharing via smartphone.

Get started quickly with your smart office courtesy of the intuitive booking app.

  • Seamlessly integrate home office workstations

  • Office use and utilization at a glance

  • Simple, secure, and privacy-compliant application

Personal ergonomics in the workplace.

Your smart assistant for a healthy working posture and motivated employees.

  • Protect your health while working thanks to holistic ergonomics

  • Customize desk, chair, and lighting

  • Simple, award-winning user interface

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Which YOYO best fits my company?

YOYO is the perfect booking system for your office workstations.

Or a control system for individual ergonomics in the workplace.

Or both in one!


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“Whenever we change desk, our ergonomic settings move with us. This is even true for our colleagues from Leipzig when joining us in Stuttgart.”

Melissa Sautter, Office Management, Worldskills Germany

Our partners

A number of well-known partners have been involved in the development of YOYO since the very beginning, and the number continues to grow.

What potential can YOYO unleash for my business?

We would be happy to provide no-obligation information about the advantages of YOYO, the intelligent control system for office workstations.

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Your contact person:

Christian Straub
Head of Sales
YOYO Smart Ergonomics

Phone: 07023 108-3134